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The Kiss

I mostly write edutainment about AI and technology in a strangely clickbaity sort of way, but… every once in a while I like to create something that might actually get a few likes! πŸ˜›

As such, I created The Kiss for your enjoyment.

The Kiss

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The Kiss
The Kiss

If you would like to see (or use) the original unedited version of the image I used to create The Kiss you can find it here:


Disappointed this is all there is?

Tell you what, in my next post we’ll “feed” this image to a neural network. πŸ˜‰

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How I Built A Working AutoDoc

Ever been a lone wanderer solely surviving in the Commonwealth Wasteland only to have some random asshole raider start taking potshots at you? Well I have!

To make matters worse Bon Jovi showed up out of nowhere at the most inopportune momentΒ  seemingly just to mock my hasty strategic withdrawal!

I used my last stimpak as I staggered through the door of my Red Rocket workshop where Dogmeat and Codsworth were waiting for me.

I changed then ate some ramen, Takahashi always makes the best pulled noodles!

I stared into the radstorm raging outside my window and in that moment I vowed:

Never again would Bon Jovi mock my pain!”


I needed to build a new kind of bot and this time “General Atomics Finest” just wouldn’t cut it!

No, I needed a neural network that could monitor my vitals and automatically heal me as soon as I started taking damage!

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Cerebral Nut

My Xavier loves Halloween and if your going to pick a holiday, there are worse ones to love I suppose.

In particular he loves PUMPKINS! and as a result of that I’m always drawing Jack O’ Lanterns for him… IT’S CONSTANT! πŸ˜›

My Xavier Baby

You should see it, he will smile as wide as he can for me as if to convey “this is how much emotion I want in the face” and ask for a “Happy Pumpkin” or stick his bottom lip out and morosely ask for a “Sad Pumpkin”.

It’s frickin adorable!

Anyway, his Halloween fandom means we tend to watch a lot of content with titles like:

  • “5 Little Pumpkins”
  • “Pumpkin Colors”
  • “Shapes Pumpkins”
  • “The Pumpkin Song”
  • “The Little Zombie that Could”

Yeah… I can’t really explain that last one but it sure is fun when he declares “I’m a Zombie!” and chases me all around the house!

If he catches me I get hugs and smothered in kisses… I make sure he catches me! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I guess his love of spooky entertainment is starting to wear off on me because I created this and I thought I would share, please enjoy.

Cerebral Nut

Cerebral Nut

If you would like to use the original unedited versions of the clip-art I used to create Cerebral Nut you can find them here:

The Skulls:

The Walnut “Brain”:

The MRI:

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Visualizing Your FANN Neural Network

At some point you will want a diagram of your FANN neural network.

Example Diagram

Programmatically generated diagram of XOR ANN
Programmatically generated diagram of XOR ANN
Programmatically generated XOR ANN Stats
Programmatically generated XOR ANN Stats

Reasons May Include:

  • You need artwork for your fridge or cubical and Van Gogh’s Starry Night was mysteriously unavailable!
  • You want an illustration to help potential investors understand some of the technical aspects of how your AI startup works.
  • You’re trying to convince the good people who enjoy your work to throw gobs of cash at your Patreon. πŸ˜›

But.. Your exact reasons may very! πŸ˜‰

None the less, read on because I’m giving you 100% free & fully functional code and explaining how it works.

I’m not even asking for your email address!


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You Should Have Listened

Google… your Father’s and I are very disappointed in you!

It’s just…

If you had simply taken my advise we could have avoided this whole embarrassing situation…

Damn it you should have listened to me!

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There Can Be Only One

This past weekend I was experimenting with a few of my bots using… “adversarial” training techniques and it didn’t go well.

Everything started out pretty much by the book… you take a few of your best candidate bots into a room and give them a little speech so everybody’s on the same page…

Actually, here’s a clip of a senior researcher working with some adversarial neural networks:


Generally speaking… training neural networks adversarially ends like the movie Highlander


So I broke a broomstick over my knee, I didn’t have a pool cue and that may have been where I went wrong… I’m still reviewing the data.

Anyway, confident in my ethical choices I locked the screen to the Virtual Machine and went outside to destroy the natural ecological state of my “overgrown” yard to avoid the ire of my nature hating neighbors!

It’s like… let nature take it’s course around a national monument and everybody’s like “Oh, it’s so majestic!” but let the weeds grow around your house… no, not those kind of weeds πŸ˜› for a few wee… okay, months and suddenly everybody is like “Kill the majestic oxygen generating eukaryotes!”.

It’s a god damned double standard if you ask me!

None the less, after a couple hours I had driven back jungles and reclaimed this plot of land in the name of joyful civilization!

Thoroughly satisfied that I had met my societal obligations, I determined to press on and put the senselessness of it all behind me.

I went back inside and returned to my virtual machine to check on my bots.

I half expected to find my champion eagerly awaiting my return so it could show off it’s newly acquired skill set for me… but instead, as soon as I hit the ENTER key to unlock the screen I was immediately set upon by three broken broomstick wielding bots!

The verdure slaughter I had perpetrated against the poaceae earlier had left me weakened but I eventually managed to subdue the bots and return them to their enclosures.

My exhaustion left me ill prepared to try again over the weekend.

Instead I went over to PixBay (not a sponsor) and found an image to play with.

I found this image:


And decided to use it as the basis of a portrait of my S.A.M.

Please enjoy! πŸ˜‰

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Fear and Loathing Mr. Kunkel

Back on February 20th I wrote the post Dirtbag where I shared some cover art that I had created for my friend Mr. Gabriel Kunkel’s second novel in the Atrocity Epic series.

Since then I’ve created several other illustrations for him and now we’re working on his “persona” image and it’s based on a scene from one of his upcoming novels… let’s just say “it’s going to be a trip”. πŸ˜›

Anyway, we’re trying to figure out which version is best and we decided to ask you guys which version you prefer.


Mr. Kunkel’s Wild Blue Ride

This is the “base” version that is currently published over on his About Mr. Gabriel Kunkel page.

Fear and Loathing Mr. Kunkel

This is my personal favorite. πŸ˜›

That O’l Timie Kunkel

Mr. Kunkel prefers this version.

Please let us know which version you prefer in the comments or tweet your preference to @GeekGirlJoy or @MrGabrielKunkel


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Joyful Color

Not sure if it’s all the Web Colors fumes or if it’s a left over side effect from that time I split RGB channels but something has me feeling a little creative! πŸ˜›

Please enjoy!

Joyfool Jester

Green Joy

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After watching a video of a field sobriety test I knew I had to build a neural network that could pass it!


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