I’m Back… well sort of.

If you haven’t noticed… JoyHarvel.com is no more but hopefully that is only a temporary set back.

Many of you know that I have a baby on the way  (any day now) and because my site was not generating a self sustaining level of income I could not justify the cost of renewing right now.

I have setup shop on the free hosting space that WordPress.com so graciously makes available and will showcase my work from here going forward for the foreseeable future so please open this link https://geekgirljoy.wordpress.com  and bookmark it. Remember you can also find me on Twitter and Github.

When my efforts begin generating profit again I will either upgrade to a paid WordPress account with more backend control or more likely shop around for robust Virtual Private Server hosting.

Previously I was on GoDaddy and I am not opposed to returning, they really do have a great service, however they upset me a little last year by saying that they offer SSH (shell/terminal connectivity to your domain/server) however it turned out that it lacked Sudo (admin privileges) so… really what’s the point of offering it?? But I digress, they informed me the only way they would grant admin control would be for me to do a paid upgrade to VPS hosting. I get that they are in business and trying to turn a profit, so am I and to be honest, if I had the spare cash I would have upgraded then and there but I didn’t and my frustration was compounded by the fact that they would not install any PHP extensions on my behalf.

To be clear, I wasn’t asking for something wild (IMHO) I simply had a bunch of web based AI projects lined up, that were based on the FANN library which is easy enough for a server tech to install in their spare time.

Frankly, I just find it odd that a large professional web host like GoDaddy that is seemingly heavily invested in PHP doesn’t include the popular, free and easily accessible FANN PHP extension in their standard server image… HINT HINT GoDaddy, you can find it here: https://github.com/bukka/php-fann

Anyway, the PHP AI projects are on hold for now but I am starting to look into alternative venues to showcase my work in that regard.

As for my computer situation that I previously blogged about. My best friend took pity on me and upgraded his families computers and let me pick apart the remains to build a functional development computer! I can now run all my dev tools (which I will blog about separately) so things are looking up! 🙂

Its a new year and I am hoping we can do some amazing things!

Much Love,