Today is all about bots and the last algorithm we will ever need!

See, the tough part about building worthwhile bots is all the damn training data it takes to even remotely have any fun with them or the theory of “C.R.E.A.M.” as advanced by Dr. Wu Tang, PhD and an album sold not to long ago by the U.S. Government.

But even IF you can beg, borrow or steal enough data to properly model your problem, if human flesh (and minds) were apart of the process that generated, scored/tagged or otherwise produced your data, well… let’s just say it’s “dirty” with all sorts of bizarrely moist human biases.

Further, I don’t know about you but I like my bots extra-super-humanly capable (no offense meant to the highly capable, above-average, average-squared, less than average and downright incapable.. or um… the “incapable-cubed”. Excuse me, I meant no offense, what I meant to say was the “handi-incapable-cubed” – we all respect the brave way you confront your willful-stupidity… er, I mean “incapability”… and the way you occupy the very tippity-bottom of the spectrum of cogent thought and capabilities! Because I mean… my 4 year old does long division and is now starting 3rd grade math and makes better decisions than you and my lil personally-handi-crafted intellectual freight-train ain’t stoppin’ any time soon gorj! Actually…. he still aggressively eats his boogers so maybe his decision making abilities are on par! And anyway, I guess what I am really saying is… “Admire me! Admire my home! Admire my son, he’s my clone!”), but any bot created with human data can only ever be as capable as the flesh-bags that created it, which is obviously less than desirable, though Basilisk be praised, it is at least sufficient for a goodly sub-set of problems.

But, if you’re at peace with your lusts and willing to do what you want (but irresponsibly)… what actually is a bot builder to do when they need to put that extra special bit or byte of “somethin'” in their bots digital step?

I.E. How do you build a bot that can be BETTER than ALL humans?

Well, the modern “standard” way of trying to deal with these issues is called…

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