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February 2019


My long time friend, author (and Patreon supporter 😛 ) @Mr. Gabriel Kunkel told me last year that he was was in the final stages of editing his new novel (The Violent Truth) and I was on his “short list” of “omni-creative” people he wanted to work with to develop artwork for his new Atrocity Epic Series.

In fact I even mentioned as much in The Mysterious Warehouse.

We spent time discussing his vision and we settled on trying to do something with “Dirtbag’s Mask” for the cover of The Violent Truth.

Out of three masks I created for him this is the one he selected for the face of his vigilante anti-hero:

Dirtbag’s Mask

Just so you are warned though, this book is NOT for children… or prudes! 😛

It’s “chock full” of all the violence and “adult situations” that you secretly love to indulge yourself with!

Hey, I’m not judging!  😉 😛

And since I know you’re curious here’s the “elevator pitch”:

“Someone’s raising the murder rate in Atropolis City by the dozens, but he’s offing some of the right people.

Police Commissioner Todd, Good Detective Oscar Wilding, and Suzette Smith, leading crime journalist, are on the hunt for a serial killer with a penchant for torture.

Watched by a suspicious FBI agent, they all find themselves more deeply involved with the vigilante than they should.

The Violent Truth is available today on Amazon and the best part is you can read it for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member!

Now, if you’re like me you’re going to prefer the paperback version (but free on Kindle Unlimited sounds pretty sweet) and thankfully Gabriel took my advise and made The Violent Truth available in paperback too!

Our cups truly runneth over!

Available On Amazon Today

I loved having this opportunity to give Dirtbag a face and to share my art and Gabriel’s latest novel with you.

I truly hope you enjoy reading The Violent Truth!

Now before you go, I have a Patreon page for people who want to say thank you and support my work financially with $1 or more a month but….

If all you can do is like, share and subscribe… well, that’s cool too! 😉

Much Love,



Time for a little shameless self promotion!

Oops I Spilled The Paint


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The Orion Project

In my last post Franks Conjecture I mentioned Project Orion and ever since I first heard about it I kinda fell in love with the grand opportunity it offers humanity.

Essentially, we could go to the moon within hours, albeit pulling some uncomfortably high G’s for something like 15 minutes each way.

Though you’d almost never be in that much of a hurry… well unless you’re Bruce Willis, retconned back in into the eventual Armageddon/Deep Impact crossover squeal “Impact’o-geddon”.

The point is… Mars becomes a hop skip and a jump… well actually it’s been described more like riding a Pogo-stick and repeatedly bouncing off the explosions of mini-nukes, but none the less even interstellar distances become possible with a Orion Nuclear Impulse Drive.

And the coolest thing about this Sci-Fi is that it’s real.

We can build a Orion Impulse Drive today if we want to!

Actually, what’s really cool was we could have built them in the 1960’s!

Aesthetically, I like to imagine the interior would look a lot like a mix of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey blended with a pre-war vault in from the Fallout franchise with maybe a bit of the Nostromo from Alien thrown in for that “lived in” 80’s ambiance.

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