I have recently switched from a single page site to a WordPress installation.

I have been wanting to expand my site for a while now but as usual there are tons of really important things all vying for my attention.

Finally, I forced myself switch over to WordPress.

One big reason was simply that it was a quick and convenient way to build and maintain a multi page website.

I could have chosen to build my new site with Joomla or Drupal, which are great CMS platforms! At this time I am more familiar with Joomla than WordPress so it seemed like a great opportunity to learn something new!

Additionally, I could have chosen to build with a PHP framework like Zend or CakePHP but I really wanted to start out simply and quickly and ultimately WordPress was just the quickest way to do it.

Additionally, I could have built an MVC from scratch but realistically I would rather spend my time building useful projects and learning new things rather than “reinvent the wheel” so to speak and create a new framework just to run my site.

Additionally I have some upcoming projects that will be using a PHP Framework (likely CakePHP) and I recently shelved a PHP based MVC I was building from scratch to mirror a Node.js project I was contributing to but the dev team postponed the project for the time being.

So all in all, WordPress just offered a convenient way to get going without a ton of overhead.

I still need to post my projects to my site and I have not decided on the best way to do that yet.

WordPress has the built in blog posting tools (which I am presently using) and I am thinking it would be great to setup a dynamic page that simply loads all blog posts that are categorized as a “Project” or something like that. This would allow me to automatically update my posted projects simply by posting the project a a blog posting and applying a category to the post.

Alternatively I could make separate pages and then have “projects” page which I would manually add a link to…

I think the most elegant solution at this time is the category method and I will experiment with that and if all goes well my projects will begin showing up on my site again very soon.

Additionally, I have been fairly busy working on developing online Neural Networks using the FANN library in conjunction with PHP and I have some upcoming blog posts planned that will go over those projects and detail how you can build and use your own Neural Networks.

If any of this sounds interesting to you please follow me on Twitter where I will post links to those articles as soon as I have written them.

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment below if you liked or didn’t like any part of this post.