In addition to all the great code and projects on my GitHub account, these apps are available on my Patreon page exclusively for my followers on Patreon.

I have three levels of support:

SupporterSupporters – are people who like my public content and want to support my efforts.


Users – are people who want access to use all the closed source software I create and publish to Patreon.


Developers – are people looking to learn to code and build products or simply looking for a prototype. They get access to the closed source code of the software I release on Patreon so they can develop from my prototypes.


Apps & Software

Pathfinder Visual Interface Windows Mac Linux
Pinger Windows Mac Linux


Over time I will continue to add more applications and improve these where possible. Please support me on Patreon so I can bring you more awesome projects!

If would like to suggest a topic or project for an upcoming post or would like me to develop an app for my Patreon supporters, feel free to contact me.