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April 2017

Something I need to tell you

There is something I need to tell you…


Recently, I launched a Patreon account because I am looking to monetize my work so that I can bring my readers & fans even higher quality projects, but I forgot the most important thing in the process…



Like a complete moron I thought that I should limit my project submission ideas to Patreon subscribers! :-/

I was wrong!

Here’s the actual text (which has been removed):

My sponsors get extra perks like getting to suggest projects that I work on and topics that I blog or vlog about…

I changed it to:

Sponsors get their name or company listed as a sponsor on my website, posts and anywhere else that it is relevant to list and thank my sponsors as well as access to exclusive source code and and other content that I create.

Let me be clear, I have an “open inbox” policy! 😛

My sponsors of course can suggest projects and subjects for me to build or blog about but I also want to hear from my passive readers! This is a community that I’m working to build and I completely believe in having an open and honest dialog with you guys!

I get that not everyone can afford to sponsor my work monetarily! If you enjoy my work, and find even occasional value in my posts please consider retweeting out those posts to your followers or otherwise sharing my blog with your friends. I really need your help to grow! Even if you can’t help me financially just sharing my work with your friends, family and followers is incredibly helpful!

Now, I wish I could take credit for this change however I realized my mistake after receiving an email from one of my oldest followers Oliver Dvorski.

Also, he’s available for hire so consider hiring him for your next project!

Thank you Oliver for really caring about me and my work!

As a result of this change I have added a new page Sponsors to my site where my current and active sponsors will be listed. This is a very public  thank you for supporting my work and making it possible! Sponsors names will also appear on each blog posting in the section titled “Patreon Supporters”. If you would like to support me please visit my Patreon page and click the orange “Become a Patron” button.

Currently the minimum level of support I have setup is $1 but more is definitely appreciated and very helpful! I expect that the support levels will evolve over time to match the needs and wants of my followers. If you would like to see more or different perks and additional tiers of support, or simply  would like to suggest a topic or project for an upcoming post feel free to contact me.

As always Much Love!



I’ve just opened a Patreon account and I need your support to grow.

I know the posts have been sporadic over the past few months as I have been taking care of my little Logich:

Thankfully I am starting to get into a schedule that allows me to work again. With your support we can create some amazing things!

Please like, share & subscribe!

Much Love,


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