Recently… and not ever so long ago… my son Xavier (who’s almost 5 now ) asked me to draw him a  picture of a dinosaur and… I did. I modeled up a blocky T-Rex in Blender and with the addition of a Subdivision Surface Modifier, I was able to present my child with the theropod of my choice and I earned many hugs and kisses for my efforts! 🙂

But then, (‿‿。) (°° ) …hugs with my most beloved BARELY enjoyed… he asks if I could draw him a Pogo Stick! A Pogo Stick??? Yes! I want a picture of a Pogo Stick!, he said.

So I was like… Okay YOLO! 😛

So… with my failure to impress in hand and a desire to propitiate felicity, jubilation and joy between offspring and Joy, tis “the season” for gift giving after all…  I gave myself the o’l twenty-three skiddly-skidoo to the little wooden mini-desk in the corner of my bedroom next to the 3D printer… because… now my mission was absolutely clear, I was on a quest to atone for my lowbrow low-poly dino malfeasance!

So in the middle of the day, I sat alone in the dark at my desk, somehow… totally at peace with the irrationally high levels of free floating caffeine molecules mixing intravenously with my personal supplies of blood plasma.

My computer was on, logged in and after a couple of clicks (and a loading screen 😛 ), Blender 2.93 opened and I got right to work modeling his request and after a few Extrudes and Loop Cuts on a cylinder, I finally pressed F12 on my keyboard to render the images.

  These… are those images:

With the renders digitally in hand, I rushed to eagerly present my son with his Pogo pic petition and Xavier replied… “I like the shadows…” and then got quiet for a moment as if to ponder his thoughts… when suddenly he broke his silence with “Can you put it in a game?”.

And I’m not gonna lie here… at this point,  not having fully earned the most coveted “Love and Admiration of My Child” life achievement-award which comes with a high-quality multi-color iron on cloth badge and a fanfare of hugs for all my artistically nurturing efforts… I was starting to feel a little like WTF Dude?!

But instead of getting all sticky-stick bent outta shape about it… I said…

“Okay YOLO!”. 😛


Pretty sure that’s called “literary foreshadowing”, anyways…

So now…

We’re Gonna Make a Game!

And with that, I think it’s time to end this post with today’s musical accompaniment:

Oh yeah… and here’s today’s wallpaper: 😛

Pogo Stick Wallpaper
Pogo Stick Wallpaper

I dunno, so like… Patreon or whatever.

Much Love,