We’ve all seen code that is just plain scary because of how bad it is!


However, have you ever considered a ‘Spooky’ code standard/convention?

Halloween is on it’s way and you may be looking for a little something extra to help you get into the spirit (or should I say poltergeist, banshee, ghoul?) of the holiday so may I suggest for the duration of October, instead of using the placeholdersFOO‘ & ‘BAR‘ in your code you can use ‘BOO’ and ‘EEEK’.

PHP Example

$boo = 'eeek!';

JavaScript Example

var boo = 'eeek!';


C++/C# Example

string boo = "eeek!";


If you have any suggestions as to other ‘Spooky Coding Conventions’ we can all use go ahead and submit them in the Leave a Reply section below or tweet them at me using the hashtag #SpookyCoding and I will post the best ones with credit going to the poster in a followup article.

Keep in mind it’s best if your suggestions are ‘cross language’ as much as possible so that everyone can join in the fun but if it’s not and it’s particularly spooky it might get included anyway. 😉

Much Love,