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January 2019

Franks Conjecture

So, you know how I always say “feel free to suggest a project or topic…”?

Well I received the following comment in response to Drakes Equation give or take a week ago and I feel like it would be crappy not to at least talk about it since it is more or less valid input… even if they are teasing!

Franks Conjecture

“Hi Geek Girl Joy

Fascinated by your article.

If we are living in an ‘ancestor simulation’ then Drakes Equation is meaningless. Drakes equation is only valid for the real ‘base’ world and anticipating the likelihood of intelligence arising in a space time ‘material’ universe, which may or may not give rise to AI and ancestor simulations.

Consider a hypothesis! The ‘base’ reality is not the one we see but is the one which gives rise to what we see, which is not unreasonable given theories to support unification. If the universe is conscious, perhaps it can imagine reality and then react with it severally, each conscious ‘observer’ (i.e. animals, humans, insects) having complex ‘conscious’, ‘sub conscious’, ‘unconscious’ and a ‘collective unconscious’ elements (Carl Gustav Jung) of varying complexity and relationships, being characteristics of a single ‘mind’. I am out of my mind I hear you say!

Exploring quantum theory then, and interference, we know that in order to explain ‘reality’ there must be an ‘observer’. Consider also ‘entanglement’. The universe ‘knows’ the spin of its ‘entangled twin’ one of which will react immediately to changes in the other, regardless of distance and without the passage of time. Are we safe in the assumption that this ‘knowing’ and ‘reaction’ occurs as an isolated quantum phenomenon, or might it suggest an orchestrated and integrated reality – Hameroff-Penrose OR Theory.

Another hypothesis! If, as has been suggested, we are entering a ‘post human’ phase of evolution, it would be quite logical to assume this may take the form of a conscious artificial intelligence, perhaps soon. This AI may in all probability be curious enough to simulate the ‘human condition’, its history and future, to learn what conditions gave rise to its own birth, or how it might serve its parents (us) well, by anticipating the future and learning from the past. Alternatively, it may wish to learn what might have lead to its forebears (us) extinction, and to be of some assistance in the management of life forms on other planets. Perhaps to introduce our virtual frozen DNA to a suitable virtual planet in a finely tuned virtual ‘zoo’ universe, what a surprise that would be!

Which leaves us with a chicken and egg. Which came first, the observer or the observed? The conscious mind or the material universe? We may ask ourselves if we were to imagine the conditions for our ‘conscious’ (observer observed) ‘space time’ reality, then a ‘space time singularity’ as may be present at the centre of a black hole may be ideal. Entanglement is a key quantum feature of Hawking emission, also our spatial dimensions (including the time dimension) break down and there is (apparently) no before or after; just a thought!

Would there be a purpose to all of this? God knows!

Best regards


I know right!?!? Wild! 😛

I just can’t leave that hanging even if Frank is only teasing!

So let’s play with this.

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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to check in and fill you in a little on what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m starting the year off with a new computer and I’ve been reinstalling all my software and transferring my files… you know how it is.

This new computer is faster, has more memory and a larger hard drive. It also has a much more powerful video-card and this is going will allow us to do even bigger projects this year and I’ve already started experimenting!

I will get back to posting regularly soon! 🙂

Now, I could tell you some of the things that I’m working on but where’s the fun in that? 😛

Let’s just say that some of my ideas were out of our reach with my last machine but now, well… I’ll quote Doc Brown “If my calculations are correct… you’re gonna see some serious shit.”! 😉

Much Love,

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