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October 2019

A Spooky Turing Test

Welcome to A Spooky Turing Test!

I first wrote about my Writer Bot October 31’st 2017 in the post A Halloween Tale.

That post was written by the absolute BEST writer bot at the time (created by yours truly) though I haven’t released the code for that version of the bot and sadly it has been surpassed (barely) in capability (for now) by a bot called GPT2 created by “OpenAI“.

So, I’ve decided to use GPT2 instead of Writer Bot for this post

If you are looking for spooky posts written by me I’d suggest reading my encounter with the Polybius VR Virus (be careful what you download) or if you want something more recent checkout A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award, it’s a bit of a horror tall tales variety act.

If you want a bit more math and a little scifi with your spooky story you might be interested in the “Mysterious Game of Life” series that is part of my Ancestor Simulations posts.

And if you just want the wallpaper for this post, here you go:

A Spooky Turing Test Wallpaper
A Spooky Turing Test Wallpaper

Otherwise let me attach this last electrode to GPT2 and we’ll be ready to proceed with a Spooky Turing Test.

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Mr Good Bot – Random Assembly Required

Today were going to look at assembling Frankenstein… I mean Mr. Good Bot.

By the end you will have the code needed to run Mr. Good Bot in his most basic capacity.

Before we proceed though, I caution all braves souls who dare venture further, this post will be frightfully technical and you need to be prepared for the coding horrors that lay ahead!

If your stomach turns at the sight of raw code (i.e. most sane folks) then I would suggest you keep right at the fork and head towards A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award for a more engaging and seasonally festive experience.

Though before you go, if you just want the featured image for this post, here’s the wallpaper

Random Assembly Required 1920 by 1080 Wallpaper
Random Assembly Required 1920 by 1080 Wallpaper

Otherwise, here are the other posts in this series if you need to catch up:

The Anatomy of a Good Bot

Mr. Good Bot uses HTML & CSS as the UI/Front End and a little JavaScript to request an updated image frame from the server.

This methodology allows for a simple implementation that I can make accessible on my air gaped home intranet to any authorized device with an IP Address and a browser.

Meaning Xavier can use a “smart device” (laptop, tablet, cellphone, watch, etc…) to keep his robot buddy with him while he’s running around playing.

It’s also possible to modify Mr. Good Bot slightly to accommodate multiple concurrent users.

Meaning Mr. Good Bot could even serve as my families own “smart home” digital assistant and we wouldn’t have to worry about unscrupulous 3rd parties monitoring everything we do or say!

All digital assist bots monitor you for “Learning & Quality Assurance”, look it up!

A Good Bot should be like a pet, a trusted and beloved family member, not a spy for BNN!

As it is (NOT A JOKE) Big Neural Network can and does monitor you at “their discretion”  through your “virtual assistant” with the stated intent at best “to sell you more shit” (paraphrasing)!

But… Let’s not turn this into another rant that gets me blacklisted again. 😛

In any case, because the interface is basically just a webpage Mr. Good Bot has access to all the functionality a web browser offers with the computation of a server, all over my LAN. 🙂

This opens up the possibility to do just about anything we want without relying on BNN tech.

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A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award

Welcome, I was nominated for the A Real Neat Blog Award by a Real Neat Blogger!

She’s PINK, geeky and knows more about training Pokémon than your niece and nephew combined!

She’s also into cosplay and story telling.

Check her out here:

Thank you for the nomination Pinky!

I feel like I should say that Pinky is not a sponsor but she did award me this opportunity to stand here before you all and run the gauntlet… I mean, accept this prodigious award and shamelessly promote the hell out of myself without fear of villagers with pitchforks and torches showing up to stake me in unmentionable places… but this post isn’t about my kinks!

Also, since social protocol demands you respond relatively quickly to these kinds of things or else the boogeyman will show up in the middle of the night and repossess your blog, I’m postponing this week’s Mr. Good Bot post but we will continue soon.

Here’s the Mr. Good Bot series so far:

A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award

Real Neat Blogger Award

Here are the rules:

  • ✓ Display the Award Logo.
  • ✓ Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.


Here are the questions:

  1. What is the thing that you fear most?
  2. You are a character in a horror movie (a teenager) what trope would you be?
  3. What do you think comes after death?
  4. You are now a Horror Villain, what is your backstory and what is your main weapon?
  5. What is the weirdest (mysterious) thing you have ever experienced (think ghosts, aliens , elvis spotting etc)
  6. You become a ‘classic’ monster you can choose between, A vampire who sparkles and has to drink to death. A werewolf, who loses control at moonlight and will hunt, a green skinned warty witch who eats children or a regular zombie what do you choose?
  7. What is your favorite scary movie?
  8. (Bonus question : What is that weird thing standing behind you?)

Today I’m going to answer these questions and hopefully not flunk the exit exam!

Oh, and here’s the featured image you can use as a wallpaper.

A Spooky Real Neat Blog Wallpaper
A Spooky Real Neat Blog Wallpaper


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Columbus Day 2034

Columbus Day 2034

Columbus Day 2034 Wallpaper - 3 Orion Pusher-Plate Ships
Columbus Day 2034 Wallpaper – 3 Orion Pusher-Plate Ships

Gather ’round now children and I’ll recite for you the tale of Christina Columbus.

In twenty hundred and thirty-four,
Christina Columbus went out to explore!

She had three ships that left from orbital decay,
She flew through sunshine, meteor storms and gamma-ray!

She flew by night; she flew by day,
She flew by the stars to find her way.

A digital sextant also helped her know,
How to find the way to go.

Ninety astronauts aboard each pusher-plate vessel,
some crew toil while others nestle.

Then the rocketeers went to sleep,
And others watched the starry sky deep.

Day after day they looked to land,
They dreamed of trees and rocks and alien sand.

October 12 their dream came true,
You never saw a happier crew!

“Aliens! Aliens!” Christina cried,
Her heart was filled with Joyful pride!

But Barnard’s Star this land was not,
It was Arrakis, and it was hot!

The alien natives were very nice,
They gave the astronauts food and spice.

Columbus sailed out to find alien life,
What she found was a seif.

She learned the one fact that all space mariners must know,
She learned that – the spice must flow!

Will you be my Queen Isabella and help fund my efforts to get us off this planet?

Consider supporting my content through Patreon for 12,000 Maravedíes a year just like Queen Isabella gave Columbus, though even $1 is appreciated! 🙂

But, if all you can do is like, share, comment and subscribe… well that’s cool too!

Much Love,



Mr Good Bot – Composite Animation

Many years ago, in what seems like another life… I had the advantageous opportunity to work for the Walt Disney Corporation, not a sponsor but as I said I did used to work for them as a contracted Computer Technician for a few years.

I was young and had my A+ back when it still meant something and stood as a confirmation of basic competency!

I’m just kidding, an A+ was never meaningful (allegedly and IMHO)!

Anyway, mostly my job amounted to “burning/cloning” hard drive images, light software and OS configuration as well as installing the equipment for the end user.

Occasionally I’d fix a broken printer, upgrade some RAM on a laptop, spend a little time in the LAN closet correcting the patch panel port list because the dedicated local department sys admin liked paper records.

On top of that there were the near constant departmental moves… oh the lost weekends! 😛

Nothing complicated though and along the way I met a lot of really smart and wonderful people!

Aside from the people, the two highlights I will always remember fondly Continue reading “Mr Good Bot – Composite Animation”

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