My name is Joy Harvel.

I have a background as an IT Professional & Programmer working as an Independent Developer creating Cross-Platform Software Prototypes & Technical Commentary.

A recent example of my work is a contribution I made to the official FANN PHP GitHub repo. I created and published the Pathfinder and the OCR Neural Network examples available for download there. Other examples of my work include all the code on my GitHub account as well as my blog posts and YouTube videos.

I am self employed with an infant son to feed and take care of so my time is at a premium these days.

My blogging is all about informing my readers about new tools and technology while marketing my wide array of technical abilities and services to people and companies like yourself.

To be clear, I do not do paid endorsements however I am seeking to form on going sponsored relationships with companies that produce products that I like and people that appreciate the content that I create.

My sponsors get extra perks like getting to suggest projects that I work on and topics that I blog or vlog about as well as access to exclusive source code and and other content that I create.

With your help, together we can create something special!

I’ve just opened a Patreon account and I need your support to grow.

Outside of content creation for your entertainment and education I also provide the following paid services:

  • PHP Software.
  • Cross-Platforn Desktop Application Development (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Cross-Platforn Mobile Application Development (iOS & Android).
  • Technical Consulting.
  • Rapid Application Prototyping.
  • 2D Raster, Vector & 3D Graphic Design.