Who am I?

Geek Girl Joy

Hello, my name is Joy.

I have been very fortunate in my career to have had amazing opportunities to work for very large well known companies like The Walt Disney Company, Sparkletts Water, Karen Kane and Citizens of Humanity among other less iconic companies as either as contracted technical support or as a direct employee supporting IT infrastructure and in diverse rolls like Help Desk, Field and Hardware Repair Technician, Senior Systems Administrator, Web Master, Graphics Artist, 3D Printer/Maker to Programmer & Business Owner and everything between! šŸ˜›

I make my own Ethernet cables, build phone and data closets all by my lonesome and program neural networks for my amusement! I like working with PHP and other C Family languages like C++, C# etc. and I occasionally work with Python & JavaScript as the need may arise but ultimately depending on the needs of the project, Iā€™m flexible.


What do I do?

My professional experiences have allowed me to develop an in depth knowledge of technology and how businesses leverage both software and hardware systems to achieve their goals.

Throughout my career I have had to develop and deploy off the shelf as well as custom solutions which has allowed me to grow my skill set so that am able to build functional, proof of concept cross-platform software prototypes very rapidly!

Additionally I leverage my years of experience both working with and evaluating technology to provide my opinion in the form of commentary on various products that I like or that I think my followers can benefit from.

You can view my latest posts here or get an updated list of my topics & posts.

These works are free and publicly available to anyone and there is no cost to simply follow me to gain access to them, however I do ask that if you like something I create please share it with others on social media.

I do my best to coordinate all my content through this blog and I freely host code over on my GitHub account for my followers as well.

Additionally I have a Patreon profile where my followers can support me.

Much Love,