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November 2019

Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500

Welcome, today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and its customary to talk about what you are thankful for. That would be you dear reader! 😉

My Thanks

Not long ago, I tallied the numbers and found my reader/follower count across all my social media (collectively) ticked above 500 for the first time! 🙂

This is certainly a milestone and it means that you are enjoying my peculiar blend of art, code and commentary.

Without you, my blog would just be a record of some of my projects and experiments.

I cherish all my readers and I thank each one of you for continuing to support my content!

My Giving

With the offering of my thanks complete, next comes my giving… of the wallpaper! 😛

Here’s the Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 featured image as a wallpaper!

There are 4 turkeys in this picture, find one and you found them all!

Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 Wallpaper
Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 Wallpaper

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’d like to celebrate turkey-day by offering thanks and giving to me over on Patreon, then you can pledge $1 or more a month for one or more months and cancel any time, with my sincerest gratitude!

But if all you can do is like, share, comment and subscribe, well that’s cool too!

Much Love,


Mr Good Bot – Mostly Assembled

Mr. Good Bot is mostly assembled and we’re not looking at any code today (okay maybe just a little) but we’re really just going to talk about how Mr. Good Bot works and all the recent commits I made to Mr Good Bot over on GitHub.

Also, here’s the featured image from today’s post as a wallpaper. It depicts Mr. Good Bot being mostly assembled… I liked the look of hanging wires instead of legs, hence the name. 😛

Mr Good Bot Mostly Assembled Wallpaper
Mr Good Bot Mostly Assembled Wallpaper

If you need a refresher on this series, here are the other Mr. Good Bot posts:


So with Mr Good Bot being mostly assembled I thought we would take this opportunity to go over the recent additions.

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Mr Good Bot – Database

Today Mr. Good Bot gets his life long wish of having a brain… wait, no… that was Scarecrow bot.

Come to think of it… Scarecrow bot never did get his brain, just a GED certificate out of the bottom of an old steamer trunk!

In any case, like Scarecrow, Mr. Good Bot needs a brain.

Thankfully this won’t take a trip to the Emerald City and surviving the Chordettes lollipop-guild-fanclub or swarms of flying-monkey bots!


Mr. Good Bots brain will be a My SQL database which allows the system to store important persistent data needed by front-end & back-end code.

If you are new to my content or just need a refresher, here are other posts in this series:

If you just want the featured image for this post as a wallpaper here you go:

Mr. Good Bot Database Wallpaper
Mr. Good Bot Database Wallpaper


So with that…

We’re, off to create a database…


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Mr Good Bot – DaisyBell.wav

Welcome back, today were going to start the process of figuring out how to add speech to Mr. Good Bot.

If you need to catch up, here are the other posts in this series so far.

Mr. Good Bot Series

And if you’re just here for the pretty pics, here you go…

The Featured Image:

Daisy Bell Wav Featured Wallpaper
Daisy Bell Wav Featured Wallpaper

Also, you might just want the image inside the audio wave, so… here’s that as well:

Daisy Bell Wallpaper
Daisy Bell Wallpaper

So with the important stuff out of the way, I guess all that is left to do now is figure out how to make Mr. Good Bot talk and decide what he should say first.

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