Many of my readers know last year for Halloween I published A Halloween Tale where I used a self built (from scratch & in PHP no less 😎 ) “writer bot” to write the entire story I published in that article.

To this day I would argue A Halloween Tale is still the best example available online of bot written fiction and I dare you to find a more coherent story! 😛

I trained my bot on Jules Vern’s 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Bram Stoker’s Dracula & Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in the hopes of generating a sort of Adventure Horror story because I wanted something kinda “spooky” to publish for Halloween… but i’m getting ahead of myself.

I will discuss my “writer bot” more in future posts. Today I’d like to start the discussion with some of my thoughts on generative writer bots in general.

Why Build a Generative Writer Bot?

You see, I believe that generative robots like my “writer bot”, though more advanced will completely change the way people produce & consume media in the not to distant future.

Consider that is a book store (the largest), and it sells digital ebooks in ever growing numbers. Consider too that every Movie / TV Show and Netflix series has a written script.

Millions of magazines and news papers are printed and sold around the world each and every day, not to mention all the blog posts that are published.

Just about every product you can think of has some form of written communication involved with the buying, selling, transporting and or the use of that product.

Estimates say that there is a good chance a bot will write a “best seller” novel within the next 10 – 15 years and it’s important to note that isn’t time to completion, that’s time till it’s so good that the bot will do better than most human writers ever will!

A bot that can write “coherently” is much closer than 10 years!

The so called “best seller” robot is easily worth a trillion dollars to it’s creator due to the capacity of the robot to disrupt the entire writing industry!


A Vision of Things to Come

This type of bot offers push button custom content that can be tailor made to the exact preferences of the reader… or company that rents it from you… yeah “rents” because it’s the kind of thing you sell as a service for sure!

Imagine having a long trip home on a train, jet or self driving Uber… and having anything from a short story all the way up to a novel written just for you!

But it doesn’t stop there… as I droned on above, EVERYTHING is written and anything written has a cost associated with it.

For the writer the cost it time, the longer it takes to finish any given work reduces the overall value of the work due to fewer hours to allocate to other paid projects.

This type of bot would also benefit companies who employ people to write for them because their writers will be more efficient which means they can pay fewer writers to handle their content generation needs.

Ultimately, there is the possibility a writer bot could get so good that it might supplant the need for human writers entirely outside of specific areas of expertise.

While that may horrify many authors, if that does happen it promises to usher in the ability for everyone to have content generated that tells the story they want to read, see or hear at the push of a button.


Generative Stories Are More Than Just Words

This is all more than just words though.

If a generative writer bot is capable of generating a “best seller” novel then it is not hard to see how the same process of narrative arc generation and management as well as character creation… not to mention the conversations the characters have with (or about) each other as well as the objects they interact with and the environments they exist in… can be applied to other uses such as writing scripts for movies, shows… podcasts? 😛

At the core of this bot is a system that can manage complex environments and interactions verbally and describe consistently and coherently what is occurring.

It’s not hard to imagine combining the narrative generating capacity of this type of bot with an animation system hypothetically allowing you to generate a story and then programmatically illustrate or even animate it leading to on demand TV with shows that are all about your personal interests!

Further, if you can animate it… it can be made interactive so it’s not much of a stretch to extend the system so that you could play a VR Novel (like the Holodeck on Star Trek but with VR goggles) where the story is written on the fly and the world is generated so that you can have any experience you want.

I believe this is coming and I will share more of my thoughts on the subject in upcoming posts.

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