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Mr Good Bot – Looking For Adventure

Today we implement a solution for the bug I mentioned last week and add a “Quick Say” feature to the admin interface.

Screenshot of the updated Mr. Good Bot Admin Interface
Screenshot of the updated Mr. Good Bot Admin Interface

Also, if you squint just right you might notice that the statement field changed to a text area element.

This is to make entering longer sentences more convenient because the element can be resized or stretched (drag the bottom right arrow) as needed.

Additionally, for your enjoyment, here is a higher resolution version of the featured image without the title text.

Mr Good Bot Looking For Adventure Wallpaper
Mr Good Bot Looking For Adventure Wallpaper

Here are the other posts in the Mr. Good Bot series:


Q: What’s with the bot on a motorcycle?

A: It will make more sense after you read the code.

Q: I skipped ahead and read the code. So… you’re making some kind of overly obscure and hamfisted Steppenwolf reference?

A: Yeah… okay look it’s the end of the year and I have a lot of doings happening and the things, you know!? Like, what’s wrong with a Steppenwolf gag?

Q: Sure okay whatever, but then why not like, call it like… “Born To Be Wild”?

A: That’s silly! Bots are built not born. 😛

Plus that’s a bit of an obvious choice isn’t it?

Also, I’m all about trying not to get sued and Looking For Adventure seems less “infringy” while also being imbued with a positive child like imaginative sense of future.

Q: Fair enough, but… why isn’t Mr. Good Bot wearing a helmet? You realize that under California Vehicle Code 27803, Mr. Good Bot is required to wear a helmet and is clearly guilty of an infraction under the law?

A: Under most circumstances you are correct but you see, that law was clearly written to apply to endoskeletal citizens and Mr. Good Bot is an exoskeletal being so technically his head is a helmet and with “Jury nullification” being what it is… I’m sure no conviction would be forthright!

In any case, this interview is now over and all further inquiry should be directed towards Mr. Good Bot’s attorney!

A Bugged Bot

My little QA tester Xavier managed to find a couple of bugs in our prototype.

He found a way to get the bot into a state where it wouldn’t talk even if it had something to say and wasn’t speaking.

The bug seems to occur in two cases:

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Mr Good Bot – Administrative Speech Protocols Enabled

I’ve enabled the administrative speech protocols for Mr. Good bot allowing us to control his speech in real time outside of the database and I built out a nifty admin interface!

Screenshot of the Mr. Good Bot Admin Interface
Screenshot of the Mr. Good Bot Admin Interface

It works well enough but it makes a terrible wallpaper so here’s the featured image as a wallpaper:

Administrative Speech Protocols Enabled Wallpaper
Administrative Speech Protocols Enabled Wallpaper

And, for those of you who prefer more vibrant colors in their wallpapers, here’s the full color alternative (real 😉 ) version:

Administrative Speech Protocols Enabled Wallpaper Alternate
Administrative Speech Protocols Enabled Wallpaper Alternate

Now, if you’d like to know a little about how the admin system works and get the code (don’t worry it’s free), keep reading…

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Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500

Welcome, today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and its customary to talk about what you are thankful for. That would be you dear reader! 😉

My Thanks

Not long ago, I tallied the numbers and found my reader/follower count across all my social media (collectively) ticked above 500 for the first time! 🙂

This is certainly a milestone and it means that you are enjoying my peculiar blend of art, code and commentary.

Without you, my blog would just be a record of some of my projects and experiments.

I cherish all my readers and I thank each one of you for continuing to support my content!

My Giving

With the offering of my thanks complete, next comes my giving… of the wallpaper! 😛

Here’s the Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 featured image as a wallpaper!

There are 4 turkeys in this picture, find one and you found them all!

Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 Wallpaper
Thanksgiving Wild Turkey 500 Wallpaper

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’d like to celebrate turkey-day by offering thanks and giving to me over on Patreon, then you can pledge $1 or more a month for one or more months and cancel any time, with my sincerest gratitude!

But if all you can do is like, share, comment and subscribe, well that’s cool too!

Much Love,


Mr Good Bot – Mostly Assembled

Mr. Good Bot is mostly assembled and we’re not looking at any code today (okay maybe just a little) but we’re really just going to talk about how Mr. Good Bot works and all the recent commits I made to Mr Good Bot over on GitHub.

Also, here’s the featured image from today’s post as a wallpaper. It depicts Mr. Good Bot being mostly assembled… I liked the look of hanging wires instead of legs, hence the name. 😛

Mr Good Bot Mostly Assembled Wallpaper
Mr Good Bot Mostly Assembled Wallpaper

If you need a refresher on this series, here are the other Mr. Good Bot posts:


So with Mr Good Bot being mostly assembled I thought we would take this opportunity to go over the recent additions.

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Mr Good Bot – Database

Today Mr. Good Bot gets his life long wish of having a brain… wait, no… that was Scarecrow bot.

Come to think of it… Scarecrow bot never did get his brain, just a GED certificate out of the bottom of an old steamer trunk!

In any case, like Scarecrow, Mr. Good Bot needs a brain.

Thankfully this won’t take a trip to the Emerald City and surviving the Chordettes lollipop-guild-fanclub or swarms of flying-monkey bots!


Mr. Good Bots brain will be a My SQL database which allows the system to store important persistent data needed by front-end & back-end code.

If you are new to my content or just need a refresher, here are other posts in this series:

If you just want the featured image for this post as a wallpaper here you go:

Mr. Good Bot Database Wallpaper
Mr. Good Bot Database Wallpaper


So with that…

We’re, off to create a database…


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Mr Good Bot – DaisyBell.wav

Welcome back, today were going to start the process of figuring out how to add speech to Mr. Good Bot.

If you need to catch up, here are the other posts in this series so far.

Mr. Good Bot Series

And if you’re just here for the pretty pics, here you go…

The Featured Image:

Daisy Bell Wav Featured Wallpaper
Daisy Bell Wav Featured Wallpaper

Also, you might just want the image inside the audio wave, so… here’s that as well:

Daisy Bell Wallpaper
Daisy Bell Wallpaper

So with the important stuff out of the way, I guess all that is left to do now is figure out how to make Mr. Good Bot talk and decide what he should say first.

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A Spooky Turing Test

Welcome to A Spooky Turing Test!

I first wrote about my Writer Bot October 31’st 2017 in the post A Halloween Tale.

That post was written by the absolute BEST writer bot at the time (created by yours truly) though I haven’t released the code for that version of the bot and sadly it has been surpassed (barely) in capability (for now) by a bot called GPT2 created by “OpenAI“.

So, I’ve decided to use GPT2 instead of Writer Bot for this post

If you are looking for spooky posts written by me I’d suggest reading my encounter with the Polybius VR Virus (be careful what you download) or if you want something more recent checkout A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award, it’s a bit of a horror tall tales variety act.

If you want a bit more math and a little scifi with your spooky story you might be interested in the “Mysterious Game of Life” series that is part of my Ancestor Simulations posts.

And if you just want the wallpaper for this post, here you go:

A Spooky Turing Test Wallpaper
A Spooky Turing Test Wallpaper

Otherwise let me attach this last electrode to GPT2 and we’ll be ready to proceed with a Spooky Turing Test.

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Mr Good Bot – Random Assembly Required

Today were going to look at assembling Frankenstein… I mean Mr. Good Bot.

By the end you will have the code needed to run Mr. Good Bot in his most basic capacity.

Before we proceed though, I caution all braves souls who dare venture further, this post will be frightfully technical and you need to be prepared for the coding horrors that lay ahead!

If your stomach turns at the sight of raw code (i.e. most sane folks) then I would suggest you keep right at the fork and head towards A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award for a more engaging and seasonally festive experience.

Though before you go, if you just want the featured image for this post, here’s the wallpaper

Random Assembly Required 1920 by 1080 Wallpaper
Random Assembly Required 1920 by 1080 Wallpaper

Otherwise, here are the other posts in this series if you need to catch up:

The Anatomy of a Good Bot

Mr. Good Bot uses HTML & CSS as the UI/Front End and a little JavaScript to request an updated image frame from the server.

This methodology allows for a simple implementation that I can make accessible on my air gaped home intranet to any authorized device with an IP Address and a browser.

Meaning Xavier can use a “smart device” (laptop, tablet, cellphone, watch, etc…) to keep his robot buddy with him while he’s running around playing.

It’s also possible to modify Mr. Good Bot slightly to accommodate multiple concurrent users.

Meaning Mr. Good Bot could even serve as my families own “smart home” digital assistant and we wouldn’t have to worry about unscrupulous 3rd parties monitoring everything we do or say!

All digital assist bots monitor you for “Learning & Quality Assurance”, look it up!

A Good Bot should be like a pet, a trusted and beloved family member, not a spy for BNN!

As it is (NOT A JOKE) Big Neural Network can and does monitor you at “their discretion”  through your “virtual assistant” with the stated intent at best “to sell you more shit” (paraphrasing)!

But… Let’s not turn this into another rant that gets me blacklisted again. 😛

In any case, because the interface is basically just a webpage Mr. Good Bot has access to all the functionality a web browser offers with the computation of a server, all over my LAN. 🙂

This opens up the possibility to do just about anything we want without relying on BNN tech.

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A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award

Welcome, I was nominated for the A Real Neat Blog Award by a Real Neat Blogger!

She’s PINK, geeky and knows more about training Pokémon than your niece and nephew combined!

She’s also into cosplay and story telling.

Check her out here:

Thank you for the nomination Pinky!

I feel like I should say that Pinky is not a sponsor but she did award me this opportunity to stand here before you all and run the gauntlet… I mean, accept this prodigious award and shamelessly promote the hell out of myself without fear of villagers with pitchforks and torches showing up to stake me in unmentionable places… but this post isn’t about my kinks!

Also, since social protocol demands you respond relatively quickly to these kinds of things or else the boogeyman will show up in the middle of the night and repossess your blog, I’m postponing this week’s Mr. Good Bot post but we will continue soon.

Here’s the Mr. Good Bot series so far:

A Spooky Real Neat Blog Award

Real Neat Blogger Award

Here are the rules:

  • ✓ Display the Award Logo.
  • ✓ Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.


Here are the questions:

  1. What is the thing that you fear most?
  2. You are a character in a horror movie (a teenager) what trope would you be?
  3. What do you think comes after death?
  4. You are now a Horror Villain, what is your backstory and what is your main weapon?
  5. What is the weirdest (mysterious) thing you have ever experienced (think ghosts, aliens , elvis spotting etc)
  6. You become a ‘classic’ monster you can choose between, A vampire who sparkles and has to drink to death. A werewolf, who loses control at moonlight and will hunt, a green skinned warty witch who eats children or a regular zombie what do you choose?
  7. What is your favorite scary movie?
  8. (Bonus question : What is that weird thing standing behind you?)

Today I’m going to answer these questions and hopefully not flunk the exit exam!

Oh, and here’s the featured image you can use as a wallpaper.

A Spooky Real Neat Blog Wallpaper
A Spooky Real Neat Blog Wallpaper


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