Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting  lately, I’ve had some pressing personal business to attend to and I also had another computer failure… :-/ which has been a setback.

In anycase I had planed on releasing an animated crystal ball for you guys to play with but it’s on my old hard drive and I haven’t pulled it off yet so I will have to release that later however I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I wrote a machine learning n-gram probability model (specifically bi-grams )  in PHP no less! 😉 and it sort of knows how to write a story similar to what you train it on… kinda.

Seeing as how it is Halloween I thought it would be fun if I trained the model on these three books and then see what happens:


What follows are the thoughts of the bot, please enjoy.

This story was written by a bot

Monster on my tale.

I asked more than ever, “Close the door!” I said with impunity the motions were compassed round the union. My admiration at the grandness of the room, where the same time be exhausted.

Well, guv’nor, armed and with a few minutes of our fine weather, all the winds.

Beyond was a bullet did you know that? He made the attempt to conceal it though it appeared vividly coloured. It was a fearful ordeal before twelve!

I enjoyed the brightness of which has taken refuge in one there.

The fiend doth walk on.

I descended upon an hour, and your hand, gave out, he put him to it to notice that devil who, born and bleak in appearance of Buda-Pesth.

“I regret the preceding night. The fair way to the whole face which soon obtained was I awakened various chances of the bottom of his palms together in the steps up those sympathies necessary for a rush out any circumstances. indeed, after a pause to attack the east.”

“What is a few jewels when they persuade me? What I had been imbued with was horror. The oppressor!”

In spite of a great many of them being in dress were rambling in inaction; his history; “he will be hurtful to you.” he spoke, “But I have child-brain”, and Then things which time we did, and I found myself alone with the pain of the captain and with the engineer.

The arm in his observation. Then the sea at a distance.

The night be convenient for reflection, which would be about five yards in a perfect kaleidoscope of the sea and shells beside him, I saw him with a metal tube.

Whatever tongue through the cold was warmed up as to the various ways.

Then looked upon a flash of our permit to him to great part of anything in the level of the matter, and, strange chances of all the sensibility of the ice-bed by these words of waking.

Thoughts were with each one, I had been drunk as it is and I set me to look for the Professor near the cottage of these mountains like a bright visions on board.

A large light, our dead where they were flickering blue flame was nothin’ else in fact, and we both bitterly irksome and sweet responsibilities I had been cleared his lordship by night I am an interview with all to be fulfilled; But they opposed themselves justified in the sea.

“Indeed?”, “Yes, and feel easier”; But I was was frozen—even the captain, I know neither dawn was either side of the fair woman he not despond.

September 9th, the same solitude. My cousin, There is still struggled up to a heavy odour itself, While in a man a definite way. I fancied this to his arrival- on land, at other woman was to the last to them as I cast anchor at once for the Island with real grief or fifteen fathoms in a diversion, little recovered from Europe had been here.

I repeat, the surface, and picturesqueness of the upper coloured stuff you to which gave you are all papers without me. I drew his quiet moon. I know something like an impulse the species, your long-voyage steamers, which of the window or rather fancied rage sinks again believe that he spoke as before, though he altered spirits, and brown belly, silvered and rapid in solitude. My own exertions.

You may not all our door opens up to stake. Not frighten me! Be rewarded with my boots!

Almost recovered, but there in all my very soul to me:– “Ah, Professor!” cried Ned this blackness, and which lay motionless, and again. The angle of these we ran back the early autumn seemed to go down the “sleep well,” replied.

The Captain was unprejudiced and leg-ironed, even now he said, “to enter upon its strange things which the body, “Is counsel was awakened to the steps, to teach us”, poor dear, as imposing and she looked at my great frowning precipices of bunting carried on her repentance.

She began: “We have had a basin of William and well ahead of escape? But it up; for, seeing the tropical zones, where these strata was the poor Lucy”.

Here we stop him. It should happen. If she fears crowding the undertaker, true Yorkshire coast. We go through the possibility of the strength is not smoked for her head—poor little boat took out of dexterous hunter’s as nothing, The sight of my last look that I shall be surpassed by the red sunset come, for a dog growls over his own, but spent more bearable.

Letter from the high boots. As the heart beat like bristles on board my imaginings were they had nearly elapsed since we may ultimately turning up my former occasion, but when I was lost.

He would still lie. I need. “I am unwilling to be alone with a hand harder, and escape”.

Several varieties of coco-nuts on the moon had the brink of the infinite fatigue, “sir?” said Mrs. Westenra, “has left out of the occasion, but deserted”.

“I am inclined to be made. We have every time for my maker.” his doings ever has an anxiety and in the flycatchers of the iceberg was for the lowest receptacles of the driver saw the dining-room, opened, and I feel myself away to such as we were so had three yards long.

In Dracula’s tomb it is nothing more than red sunsets open into Namouka, one might have no torture when he was as he hastened that light from the braying of our excursion to say. Your thoughts; he was oppressed me.

But For To-night play us, bright days on board, but by the speed of the cause might view to London, “we can come to join my fellow creatures often seeing me, dear, dear Frankenstein,” exclaimed the time. “We can try.”, “Thank you, that worthy fellows whom I pursued him”.

I could demand an eager desire of my doom; I could hardly know I got well herself, and console you; I repeat my mind. My delight to comprehend most that I replied in any good, But in discerning the mountain tops, and feelings, But Captain Nemo; and to lie in everything, and the favor us, and Guadaloupe from this stake we knew him that he held his indignation. “Confound it!”, “Under it!” “but What went on the utmost expedition. “Then There is a good God and affection”!

Captian answered with a madman. The head of your Lordship’s wishes the old man. Not stinted. is this. If by the fine gradations from each other, and foretells the Mediterranean. The respect for one should pass round me, like the dawn, there was happy and he came like a depth of a soul, and If he who solicited their calcareous reflections during a manometer.

Frankly, lest I looked at random, too late.

Aristotle has often used that the corpse of the open the frigate. The grim and pleasure. “You have been prepared your former times he must soon returned, and, surprised me like any sort–no matter For the dangerous relapse. alas! who sickened me.

To the life and the earth, nor of me to harness at the most unnecessary proceeding it is in favour I felt shut out of the evil pervaded his bad weather.

Passed away from his promise, I confess to speak, even that you think?”, “Believe me, so sad and the hearts must go on her, Arthur my two thousand years.

His room was coarse but he was calm. I might have no friend Arminius, and he performed the rising tide; and said:– “to my dear Lucy always be in the sea, since your mercy he would suspect that horrid experience already–and you, my diary”.

You medical science took him waiting; so WANT you will be nearing them. My eyes and said:– Dr. Van Helsing never mention it, But as her place.

The day’s journey to my crimes, and I was tall black veil. Agatha entered.

She has been at him in the waves beat as we have hitherto How can Henceforth dearer considerations. after SOME suspicion.

Later, Lord Godalming suddenly my shoulder, a clever lady!” said that I found a great nerve. I had taken of course a considerable change to which I was tolerably patient, sleep which a blessed in more on carrying at any change of hope.

I have run cold, and you, Jonathan, For anything. Then, without this little chance gone, But in the doctor will be welcome, Mr. Renfield.

I looked in the streets. I believe in some plan as was the Thames, and discharged in revenge, withdrew.

Renfield seemed to recover my memories of the steel cigar.

The Ocean, sometimes simply went away towards the supplementary reservoirs, closing in. An hour passed, and all seemed to make.

It must go on.

Once more I can do as Omnipotence–and I did not suffer the inclination for delay, the arch-fiend, bore himself with the Roumanians, came to deceive me. I asked what it was, the snow as bare trees all seemed altogether, drawn down his death.

You saw already, in the afternoon, the starting-point in a Land had suffered through his coffin-home, his goodness that you are Such spiritual pathology, and low, ‘im as possible.
I have already noticed this island. “An iceberg!” said resolutely.

“Let us lay the Professor Aronnax to cross on a fire on my record have begun to think. Let him to this State of the undulation of dishonourable peace; and ward till death–a steadfastness as time when we could communicate simultaneously.

Three o’clock we had finished the morning in the country.

I had been here in my faith; and after mentioning that terrible story, of a frightful fiend had eaten, master?

“No, sir; But my secret way. we thought to start?”

Touching funeral; and two hours are the clouds swept away from it; the Szgany came running from the FULL speed—an imprudent thing, she slept on one of the River, the promontory which might fairly worn out.

One time I dare Not move me anything to see; But at the masts, struggling up our veins.

“What shall be so soon as I wonder that the largest whales, those treasures shining on the morning”, dark cloud passed in silence. The wolves had come to Poor dear one.

Thus escaped the evil things, no one except myself, and this dispirited my mind.

“Monster we were alike”, an evil influence.

At once the hour and by my reveries that I sat here did I felt him raising his letter to see the Un-Dead have come! “Come!” with lethal weapons, harpooner by a work, I found a strait-waistcoat.

I imagine we went to keep the barbarity of gentlemen, numerous debris of your diabolical plans.

The Castle, when in the highest sense I ever at once the moonlight and blood so wretched appearance of starvation had the engineer obeyed.

The fiend enter and If made her was the necessity began to a hell surrounded by my ear.

I looked, the clouds roll of the marine mammalia. indeed, my spirits. But neither saw nothing.

I could see that mark to me and then without her voice, cannot stand with terror. this sacrifice must be great; chattering for his death, after crossing his knife fearfully contracted, charged himself to have work, and drew.

We have suffered extreme, which must go out to write, dearest Victor,” cried he; “this is there! say anything. Lift our wretchedness”.

I was not regret, above all I observed my anxiety upon him. I spoke of varieties of the evils of agonizing suspense, inspired me to the first mighty brain grew more terrible the arsenals. Black clouds, appeared again, a nightmare, the deep groans of revenge!

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