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Inside an Orion Spaceship

I had a lot of 5th Element jokes planed for this post but I just can’t bring myself to make any of them since this is a somber occasion.

This post is dedicated Mr. Freeman Dyson, a scientist who died two Fridays ago on February 28th at the age of 96.

I admired his work (even if you may or may not disagree with some of his positions) and I can honestly say we are worse off without him!

His ideas about a positive future for humanity are grand and expansive… as well as to numerous to list without forgetting something so instead I will link here to a video tribute to Mr. Dyson with a higher production budget than I have by Isacc Arther (not a sponsor):

One project he worked on was called Orion, which regular readers will know is something of a hobby of mine.

With his passing I can’t think of any better way to honor Mr. Dyson than to publish this video I created about a year ago of a “large” Orion class ship which can comfortably carry between 400 – 1000 people though this size of could be considered ‘small to medium’ sized, with city sized ships being thought of as ‘large’.

My Orion concept video inspired by Freeman Dyson’s work:

I didn’t publish this video when I created it mostly because it’s basically a digital “ship in a bottle” that I made for myself as something I occasionally put mental effort into because it entertains me to think about.

Here’s the wallpaper:

Inside an Orion Spaceship Wallpaper
Inside an Orion Spaceship Wallpaper

Mr. Dyson’s work has inspired some of my interest in science and I am truly saddened he gone. 😦

His ideas will surely inspire many generations to come!

You can download the video and the larger Ultra HD 4K (4517×3011 px) version of the wallpaper for free on my Patreon.

While you are there you can say thanks for $1 a month if you want to and you can cancel any time.

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Columbus Day 2034

Columbus Day 2034

Columbus Day 2034 Wallpaper - 3 Orion Pusher-Plate Ships
Columbus Day 2034 Wallpaper – 3 Orion Pusher-Plate Ships

Gather ’round now children and I’ll recite for you the tale of Christina Columbus.

In twenty hundred and thirty-four,
Christina Columbus went out to explore!

She had three ships that left from orbital decay,
She flew through sunshine, meteor storms and gamma-ray!

She flew by night; she flew by day,
She flew by the stars to find her way.

A digital sextant also helped her know,
How to find the way to go.

Ninety astronauts aboard each pusher-plate vessel,
some crew toil while others nestle.

Then the rocketeers went to sleep,
And others watched the starry sky deep.

Day after day they looked to land,
They dreamed of trees and rocks and alien sand.

October 12 their dream came true,
You never saw a happier crew!

“Aliens! Aliens!” Christina cried,
Her heart was filled with Joyful pride!

But Barnard’s Star this land was not,
It was Arrakis, and it was hot!

The alien natives were very nice,
They gave the astronauts food and spice.

Columbus sailed out to find alien life,
What she found was a seif.

She learned the one fact that all space mariners must know,
She learned that – the spice must flow!

Will you be my Queen Isabella and help fund my efforts to get us off this planet?

Consider supporting my content through Patreon for 12,000 Maravedíes a year just like Queen Isabella gave Columbus, though even $1 is appreciated! 🙂

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The Better Part of Valor

It’s said that discretion is the better part of valor.

Not sure if that’s really true or if that even really applies here but it seems like one of those quotes you can just bandy about for sage street cred.

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The Orion Project

In my last post Franks Conjecture I mentioned Project Orion and ever since I first heard about it I kinda fell in love with the grand opportunity it offers humanity.

Essentially, we could go to the moon within hours, albeit pulling some uncomfortably high G’s for something like 15 minutes each way.

Though you’d almost never be in that much of a hurry… well unless you’re Bruce Willis, retconned back in into the eventual Armageddon/Deep Impact crossover squeal “Impact’o-geddon”.

The point is… Mars becomes a hop skip and a jump… well actually it’s been described more like riding a Pogo-stick and repeatedly bouncing off the explosions of mini-nukes, but none the less even interstellar distances become possible with a Orion Nuclear Impulse Drive.

And the coolest thing about this Sci-Fi is that it’s real.

We can build a Orion Impulse Drive today if we want to!

Actually, what’s really cool was we could have built them in the 1960’s!

Aesthetically, I like to imagine the interior would look a lot like a mix of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey blended with a pre-war vault in from the Fallout franchise with maybe a bit of the Nostromo from Alien thrown in for that “lived in” 80’s ambiance.

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