Application Preview

Available to User and Developer level supporters on my Patreon account.

Windows Mac Linux

Pinger is a GUI application pings an IP address on a user defined interval (up to once an hour / 24 times a day) and then performs one or more actions.

You can independently configure Pinger to take the following actions:

  • Play an Alarm
  • Show a Popup
  • Run an External Script

Actions are triggered based on user configuration and can actuate if you receive a reply or not. Alternatively you can disable one or more of them if you don’t need it.

The application is compiled for Windows, Mac and Linux, both 32 bit (x86) & 64 bit (x64) executables are available.

Example Batch file for Windows and Shell scripts for Mac and Linux are provided.

The example script will open my blog:

Please be aware that the script will need to be named userscript.bat on Windows and on Mac and Linux.

Possible uses might be:

  • Checking if a Website is up (or not).
  • Checking if a Server or NAS unit is up (or not).
  • Checking if a IOT device is up (or not).

Possible uses of the script are:

  • Sending an email to an Admin.
  • Wake On Lan.
  • Data Logging.

You may use Pinger in a commercial setting but you may not resell it or reverse engineer or decompile it unless you are a Developer level supporter on Patreon.