I had a lot of 5th Element jokes planed for this post but I just can’t bring myself to make any of them since this is a somber occasion.

This post is dedicated Mr. Freeman Dyson, a scientist who died two Fridays ago on February 28th at the age of 96.

I admired his work (even if you may or may not disagree with some of his positions) and I can honestly say we are worse off without him!

His ideas about a positive future for humanity are grand and expansive… as well as to numerous to list without forgetting something so instead I will link here to a video tribute to Mr. Dyson with a higher production budget than I have by Isacc Arther (not a sponsor):

One project he worked on was called Orion, which regular readers will know is something of a hobby of mine.

With his passing I can’t think of any better way to honor Mr. Dyson than to publish this video I created about a year ago of a “large” Orion class ship which can comfortably carry between 400 – 1000 people though this size of could be considered ‘small to medium’ sized, with city sized ships being thought of as ‘large’.

My Orion concept video inspired by Freeman Dyson’s work:

I didn’t publish this video when I created it mostly because it’s basically a digital “ship in a bottle” that I made for myself as something I occasionally put mental effort into because it entertains me to think about.

Here’s the wallpaper:

Inside an Orion Spaceship Wallpaper
Inside an Orion Spaceship Wallpaper

Mr. Dyson’s work has inspired some of my interest in science and I am truly saddened he gone. 😦

His ideas will surely inspire many generations to come!

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