After the past couple of weeks of getting blacklisted on some of my LEAST FAVORITE social media platforms for daring to say “naughty” words like “NUCLEAR”, “ASSASSINATION” and “RUSSIA” I thought I’d take a break from wounding the weak willed and take this opportunity to remind everyone to lighten up and RELAX!

Spank me all you want but nothing I say is going start World War 9… probably!

Russia knows I’m only kidding and that the United States love’s Russia! They make the best precursors for liquid RGB bot food (though in all honesty, I won’t let Dan Aykroyd hear me say that) and you all know how much I love Web Colors!

Anyway, I’ve been busy cleaning my house over the weekend so I only had time to do a little painting.

We’ll do more coding projects soon.

In the mean time, please enjoy Blacklisted Sadness!

Blacklisted Sadness JPEG Image
Blacklisted Sadness

I said it:

“I’ll be surprised if this bazaar blunt buffoonery doesn’t get me automatically shadow banned”


Then it happened! So… Nailed it! 😉

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Much Love,