My Xavier loves Halloween and if your going to pick a holiday, there are worse ones to love I suppose.

In particular he loves PUMPKINS! and as a result of that I’m always drawing Jack O’ Lanterns for him… IT’S CONSTANT! πŸ˜›

My Xavier Baby

You should see it, he will smile as wide as he can for me as if to convey “this is how much emotion I want in the face” and ask for a “Happy Pumpkin” or stick his bottom lip out and morosely ask for a “Sad Pumpkin”.

It’s frickin adorable!

Anyway, his Halloween fandom means we tend to watch a lot of content with titles like:

  • “5 Little Pumpkins”
  • “Pumpkin Colors”
  • “Shapes Pumpkins”
  • “The Pumpkin Song”
  • “The Little Zombie that Could”

Yeah… I can’t really explain that last one but it sure is fun when he declares “I’m a Zombie!” and chases me all around the house!

If he catches me I get hugs and smothered in kisses… I make sure he catches me! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I guess his love of spooky entertainment is starting to wear off on me because I created this and I thought I would share, please enjoy.

Cerebral Nut

Cerebral Nut

If you would like to use the original unedited versions of the clip-art I used to create Cerebral Nut you can find them here:

The Skulls:

The Walnut “Brain”:

The MRI:

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