Recently one of my Patreon Supporters sent me a pic of a can of FIZZ with the comment…

“Best Seltzer ever!”

And they would know too because they are something of a seltzer aficionado.

Best  Seltzer ever!

Anyway, the thing is they caught me during one of those mythical “down time” moments when you don’t have anything particularly pressing to do, so I had a little fun with the image and I thought I would share it with you and before I do I would like to stress that Kroger & FIZZ & Co are not sponsors of this content… but they could be and so can you! If you like this kind of content consider supporting me over on Patreon for a little as $1 a month. Your Patronage will help me to keep creating free of charge content like this and more.

 Now in Nuclear Neon flavor


After a long day of building the O’Neal Cylinder in orbit, relax with a can of FIZZ… It’s truly out of this world!


Basically… I couldn’t resist doing one with a “Retro” vibe.


I hope you enjoyed this post and consider supporting me on Patreon.



Much Love,