It’s raining in Los Angeles today and I’m feeling generous! So generous in fact that I have decided to give you a free gift.

How would you like 256 pre-trained neural networks and the associated training files?

Last year while working on my Ancestor Simulations Series I wrote a 4 part mini-series on Elementary Cellular Automata and here are the links:

Elementary Cellular Automata

Elementary Cellular Automata 2

Elementary Cellular Automata 3

Elementary Cellular Automata 4

In these articles I provide a fairly thorough introduction to what Elementary Cellular Automata are and how they function.

I also demonstrate a program I wrote in PHP to algorithmically compute the Wolfram 1D CA Rules and then render them as PNG images. You can find my algorithmic Wolfram 1D CA implementation on GitHub here.

After publishing those articles I announced that I was releasing the 256 Pre-Trained Wolfram CA Neural Networks to my followers on Patreon.

Now, I have decided to make those Neural Networks available to you for free!

Here’s what you get with this download:

  • 256 training sets (.data files) to review, modify  and train neural networks to perform all 256 (0 – 255) rules  conveniently organized into separate files and named after the rule that  it trains the network on.
  • 256 PRE-TRAINED neural networks (.net files) capable of performing the computation as outlined in my Elementary Cellular Automata series except via neural networks.
  • 5 separate programs (.php files):
  1. generate_rule_set.php: This program will recreate the entire set of 256 .data training files.
  2. train_all.php:  This program will train all 256 FANN .net neural networks.
  3. train_specific.php: This program lets you enter the  rule numbers into an array prior to running to train the specific rules  as FANN .net file neural networks.
  4. ann_output_all_rule_set_images.php: This program will render all the rules as images using the neural networks.
  5. ann_output_specific_rule_images.php: This program will render the specified rules as images using the specified neural networks.
  • The entire set of rules (0 – 255) per-rendered as 1025x1025px PNG images.

You will need PHP and FANN installed for this to work. I have a public tutorial on how to setup your test environment for free here: 

Getting Started with Neural Networks Series


You can get your copy in one of two ways:

Download Neural Networks from Patreon  Get Code.

Download Neural Networks from GitHub Get Code.

If you like this project please “star” it on GitHub.

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