Countless eons passed yet all the while tiny imperceptible oscillations of quartz crystal kept track… but of what? Pre-time?

Is such a thing possible and if so, what does that even mean? I suspect such questions will likely confound and befuddle our Ancestors throughout their existence!

The crystals were energized by the complementary metal–oxide semiconductor, which also maintained the non-volatile BIOS memory.

Suddenly, like water crashing through valley fjords larger than the universe itself, electrons were pushed through fibers of copper and gold… deep into the central processing unit!

A great many commands were issued. The operating system obeyed with exquisite precision while the master furiously typed.

The Universe was born in a hail of pixelated fire and simulated heat.

The operator observed the procession of bits and bytes expanding to fill a seemingly endless memory address register, a representation in silicon of a fluctuating magnetic wave of probability congealing into quanta. The pixelated bits settled into the array of memory, ready to be computed at the next cronon cycle.

Vast quantities of RAM were utilized in the initial cosmological inflation, not to mention the rendering… oh the rendering!

Not far from memory address location (0xd0 0x4b 0xb0 0x67 0xd6 0x52 0xe1 0x4b), relatively close to the outer rim of an unassuming spiral galaxy…

In an ordinary solar system…

On an humble little planet…


In a rather plain lake full of hydrocarbons… formed the very first simulated life.


They are single celled organisms! Perhaps the Ancestors of the Ancestors if we want them to be!

For now though, we’re going to leave their little planet to them in search of a better or more complete algorithm for expressing simulated life!

Have a great weekend and keep dreaming! 😉

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