Happy Friday everyone!  Checking in with another Friday Fun Fix.

The hardest challenge I have faced this week has been lack of sleep… well, most weeks actually. 😛

Xavier has been in this pattern where he has been ‘cat napping‘ his way through the night and day rather than nice consistent longer sleep cycles. Consequently I have found it difficult to obtain sufficient sleep myself. I literally passed out for an hour on Wednesday and didn’t even realize I had slept! Xavier was playing in his crib and didn’t even notice.

When I woke up… I noticed the time and realized I had “lost” an hour of productivity to sleep. Most days I’m tired but Tuesday Night / Wednesday morning left me completely exhausted!

Thankfully Xavier let me get some rest Wednesday evening and while even now I’m still tired, looking at the glowing LCD screen in front of me… let alone reading math notation and programming doesn’t just flat out hurt. All those years of late night “crunch programming” sessions to finish a feature are finally paying off as preparation for motherhood! 😛

In anycase, I didn’t have a ton of time to work on adding anything to the Galaxy generator however I did refactor the code a little to simplify redundancy.

Further, adding additional features to the Galaxy generator doesn’t seem all that necessary at this time and I am happy with where it is currently and feel comfortable moving forward on Monday. That isn’t to say that I don’t have plenty of ideas on how to improve and extend it, just that we will implement them when they are necessary.

My code refactoring eliminated 16 lines of redundant code taking the Galaxy generator from 304 lines of code down to 288.

You may view a live version of this project here if you would like and access the source for this project on GitHub here.

Here  is one more sample image for your enjoyment. This MASSIVE image is 8192x8192px and contains ~ 1/44,444th the number of stars in our actual galaxy (the Milky Way). Click the image below to open it and then zoom in… really makes you ponder how vast our universe really is when you consider that despite using a huge image and filling it with as many stars as I reasonably could, it still pales in comparison to the real thing!

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