Surprise Friday post everybody! 😋

First, relax. Yes you will get another post on Monday, I’m working on the next part of our Ancestor Simulation and I think I have something you will really enjoy but in the mean time I wanted to do a second post on Generating Planet Terrain.

Why a second post? Well, to be honest… I know the week long wait for more projects is tough, so I’m trying to produce more content for you guys! I tend to prefer to focus on creating quality projects and code and frankly that takes time, but I know some of you really need your fix. So, I’m experimenting with the idea of “documenting the process” as a way of letting you guys “peer behind the curtain” so to speak.

I can’t guarantee I will  always do a second post or that I will only do two posts. I’m merely committing to produce more content on the whole and this post is part of that.

Anyway, I hope you have been enjoying the Ancestor Simulation series, I have received an overwhelming positive response from my readers about this topic and that might strike you as quite odd when you consider the fact that my content is quite “dry” and frequently full of long complex code but I think that speaks to the idea that if you make your content interesting enough your ‘target audience’  (the smart techies who read my posts) will keep coming back, and for that… I am very grateful! 🙂

So on to Ancestor Simulations. No code today, or rather if you want to get the updated code you can get a copy of this project over on GitHub for free. While you are there be sure to follow me and star the repo so I know you like where the project is going. Speaking of which… just how far am I willing to go with this project? Well that depends on you guys, keep letting me know you are interested and feel free to suggest anything you want to see our sim do and I will see if I can’t accommodate 😉 however ultimately I am implementing this for myself because I find it interesting, I hope you do as well.

This past Monday I posted the Generating Planet Terrain post and before we move forward I wanted to add a few additional features and changes:

  1. More color variation possibilities via an additional ‘Color Variance’ pass over the terrain data and more manual access to the coloring system. It’s still based on a ‘Terrain Color Palette’ however this second pass allows MANY more color combinations which ultimately makes each planet feel more unique and special.
  2. Added a Generate Random button.
  3. Slight change to the water system.
  4. Slight change to the ice system.
  5. Added a ‘Display Type’ setting so you can now view the map as a ‘Map’ (as before) or as a ‘Planet’ (see below).

You can of course preview a running version here.

And with that I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you Monday.

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