I know many of you are waiting for the last installment of the OCR Neural network series and I will be posting that soon. Today, however I want to talk about something different.

As you know, occasionally I talk about cool tech products and trends that I think my readers should know about and recently I mentioned KikAppTools in this post.

In case you don’t recall, KikAppTools is a free transpiler that lets you build mobile apps using PHP and then compile them to a native iOS or Android installer package.

Well, recently I was speaking with the Executive Developer Liaison for KikAppTools who told me that the initial beta testing phase went better than expected!

During the conversation they let slip a short list of some very exciting features that are being discussed by their dev team for implementation during their next development cycle and at the TOP of everyone list was a GUI interface!

They also said they are looking to expand their operation as they have a small team of developers and need funding to grow so they have started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their expansion, they need our help to grow!

IF you are a PHP programmer then listen carefully, You can right now (today) automatically expand into the mobile device arena, Over 2 Billion Android devices and while I couldn’t find an exact number for iOS devices it’s roughly around the same adoption, so approximately 4 Billion devices total in 2017, all by adding this free tool to your work flow!

Further still, consider that most of the world now accesses websites and their associated apps from a mobile device! Then its a no brainier to add PHP mobile development to your work flow!

The fact is that yes, today you can make a very good living only developing WordPress, Zend Framework, Laravel, Cake, Symfony etc… sites and calling it a day, however unless you are willing to grow, expand and innovate, projects that would have gone to you tomorrow will instead go to the Node, Python, Go or Ruby developers because they are innovating!

You owe it to yourself and the larger PHP community as a whole to start using KikAppTools today! Go download it then head over to their Indiegogo page and fund their work so we can ensure PHP remains the top Server Language on the web and also becomes the preferred language to develop mobile apps with as well!

Please note that the statements and thoughts in this post are my own, KikAppTools has not payed me or offered me anything for this blog post. Having said that, I would love to have them and all of you as sponsors over on Patreon!

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