To anyone actually following my blog and wondering where I have been and why I haven’t been posting, yes, the rumors were true…I was abducted by aliens!


LOL, actually my laptop died and sourcing new hardware was a bit of a challenge. 😦

As it stands I am now running an old Dell DC7600 32 Bit CPU & 2 GB of Ram… Well beggars can’t be choosers and at the moment it’s the best I can do, I’m grateful it runs.

I am running my FAVORITE Linux Distro (Mint).

Before my laptop died I had been starting to shift my work focus to using tools like Unity3D to make games and mobile apps and not just doing web stuff with PHP (still using PHP but working on other projects and with tools too) however neither Unity3D (Javascript & C#) nor Unreal Engine (C++) will operate on a 32 bit operating system and not one with such low specs so that was a bit of a bummer…

On the upside I was pleasantly surprised to see that Blender (Logic Blocks & Python) works just fine! 🙂

I normally work in Blender for modeling items for 3D printing (I have designed a few products that I hope to show you guys in the next few months) and creating assets to play with in Unity3D. I was aware that Blender had a gaming engine but I had never tried it before. Having worked with the BGE (Blender Game Engine) a little I discovered it was actually a lot easier and faster to rig up a functional game in blender than I had thought! In fact I really recommend that you give it a try for yourself!

If you want a great tutorial on using the BGE to make a game head over to BornCG’s channel on Youtube for an excellent set of tutorials.

Here’s one to get you started but I really recommend you head over to you Youtube and subscribe to the BornCG channel!

Much Love,